Correspondence rhoScript Example Using Bracketup

Author: Philip Dorrell

Correspondence is a framework for interactively visualizing correspondences between items in related structures.

Bracketup is a generic structured textual markup language (one that I have just invented).

This particular page shows the same translation visualisation as

But there is one important difference. Whereas that page was generated off-line using the Ruby application correspondence-markup, from source code (a copy of which is included in the HTML page source as a comment), this page is generated in the browser, by Javascript code, from Bracketup source code included in a <script> element in the page source.

(The bracketup source code is similar to, but not quite the same as, the original correspondence-markup source code.)

rhoScript example: Eight Queens Puzzle

Mouse over the translations to see the relationships between them.

Alternative "Browserified" Version of this Page

This page uses the module-simulator.js script to provide compability between Node and the browser, so that the same Javascript source code files will run in either Node or in the browser.

Using module-simulator.js does add a bit of noise the HTML page source.

An alternative approach is to use browserify to compile separate Javascript modules into a single Javascript file, which can then be included as is into the HTML page, as done here.

Last updated: 10 October 2013